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Ivory Flora Celeste suffers with Usher syndrome (type III) and so has poor hearing and deteriorating vision, and suffers with night blindness (hardly able to see in poor light.)

Despite this she is happy and carefree, a least on the outside.

However, sometimes she has vivid dreams where she has lost the sight in one eye.

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Finally new photos of Ivory! I hardly touch her. XD Just keep her stored away, so paranoid.

Apparently I'm right to be paranoid, too! This'll be explained in my complaints to Iplehouse at the end of the post.

But now! Cute photos~ I took some outside and then just played around with posing. (She is an arse to pose, really needs wiring I think.)

Also, I am too lazy to edit photos right now, so you get them in all of their pure glory. Also, I love her default wig. I use it way more than the wig I bought for her. XD I just wish that it wasn't so bushy. I think that a long, straight blonde wig would be perfect for her. I also adore the glass eyes that I got - they reflect light beautifully.

Potentially NSFW - some panty-shots involved. (And yes, I am obsessed with her panties, so sue me.)

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Iplehouse said that they would ship my order this week, I was told this a few times. (I like to check regularly, politely. C: )

Sorry to bug you again!

Will my order be shipped today / tomorrow?

Thank you very much. <3

Hi, lovely nathandorian~~

We can ship to you next week, sorry.
Our orders are a lot and quick shipping is difficult.
Please kindly have to wait some more.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.~~

; _____;

So she won't arrive in time for my going to MK, and is more likely to be on her way during that time.


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Day 13 of waiting! According to Iplehouse, she'll be shipped around the 20th. Iiiiiiiii~

Name: Ivory Flora Celeste

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Nationality: White British

Loves: Singing, dancing, animals, being out in nature, flowers., opera, classical music.

Likes: Sweets, baking, meeting others.

Dislikes: Not being able to see the night stars very well, modern fashion.

Pollution, unkindness towards others.

Personality Attributes: She is meek and quiet, making her an easy to ignore person. However, she is bright and mature for her age, despite her innocent look. She is easily troubled by people acting negatively towards others.

Other Notes: Ivory suffers from Usher syndrome (type III) and so has poor hearing and deteriorating vision, and suffers with night blindness.